Himlung Himal Expedition 7126m Equipments

Ice Axe w/Leash

Ice Axe w/LeashGeneral mountaineering tool. Sizing is important: under 5’7” use a 60cm tool; 5’7”- 6’1” use a 65cm tool; over 6’1” use a 70cm tool. (Too short is preferable to too long). Make sure you have a leash that is designed for use on a glacier axe. Please no technical leashes.



Decender (F-8)

Climbing Helmet



lock Carabinner

Non lock Carabinner

Rock pitten


tapes silling

Prussic Curd


UV protect Sunglass

Plastic boots or similar quality climbing boots

Down high altitude sleeping bag (3, 4 session)

Carry Mat or Thermos Mat

Head torch /batteries /bulb

Rucksack 60-70 ltr capacity

Compass and whistle

Sun Hat

Down jacket


Down Trouser

Water proof climbing jacket


Light weight thermal or insulated climbing gloves

Light weight fleece

Long sleeved cotton/Woolen Shirts

Wool long under wear

Long cotton hiking shirts


Warm woolen /fleece hat

Down Booties

Wind proof/Water proof shell gear(cagoule and over trousers

2 pairs of thick shocks

2 pairs of liner shocks (not cotton)

Camp shoes /trekking boot

sterilization tablets

Padlock for All kit Bag

Alarm clock

Xl/M size Duffle Bag

Hiking shirts

Water proof jacket

Rain poncho or Umbrella (summer season)

Camp shoes or Flip flap

Plastics for cover your Bag when gets rain

Light weight fleece jacket

Long under ware

Nylon wind pants

1 medium sized quick drying towel

Toothbrush/paste (preferably biodegradable)

Multipurpose soap (preferably biodegradable)

Nail clippers

lip balls/ sun creams UV protect

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