Mountain Sickness

High altitude sickness is known as an Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) as well and Generally it occurs when people ascend up to the high altitude mountains too quickly (after above 3000M). But, we want to make sure that none of our guest will get such sickness during trekking/climbing/Expedition, for the reason we should have all the preparation beforehand and travelers self have to be careful for it.

Most trekkers/climbers will feel some affect of altitude, such as shortness of breath and possibly light headache, which is fairly common. AMS is very different and if a person suffers from this sickness s he/she gets brutal headache and will be unconscious either. But, there are various symptoms beforehand and we have sufficient time to take precautions as well.

While you are in trekking and climbing, our well trained guides will brief you what sort of precautions you have to take to be prevented from such sickness, therefore, you don’t have to worry for the matter, we also recommend you get some advice from your travel doctor or health advisor before you travel to Nepal.