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Mera Peak 6654m


Island Peak is SUPER, but on the summit, a big part of the view is blocked by Nuptse and Lhotse.
Mera Peak is SUPER and almost as high as Chulu East, but is the least technical. For the last 20 meters, there is a fixed rope, but the rest of it is walking. But the High Camp is a spectacular (!) place to sleep.
Lobuche East is SUPER and you can look down on the masses walking the Everest Base Camp Trek. And it is not so popular. And it is the most technical. (I am not a climber!)
I will be short about this, because I don't want to loose credibility. I went with Himalayan Ecstasy. I found them recommended in the Lonely Planet Trekking Guide. How would you choose one? They have an office in Thamel on a first floor, about across the Nortfield Cafe. I was super happy with them. I made very clear arrangements in advance about money: what was included, what wasn't. They followed all the arrangement. In the end I climbed the three peaks with the same guide: Rinji Sherpa. A quiet man, but my personal hero.
Talk to them. Maybe you are more lucky than me. I don't remember exactly, but the day I first talked to them, a guy arrived in the office. He, together with another guy, would leave for Culu! The next day! I arrived only just after walking Tamang and Langtang, North of Kathmandu. Leaving the next day was just not possible...
I also send a copy of this mail to them, because I promised them I would recommend people.
If you have any questions, be my guest. Tuesday I start working for two weeks (on a boat) and response will maybe not come so quickly.
Check 'Nepal' 'The Big One' on for pictures of the 53-day walk and the three climbs
The best of luck!
Enjoy to the fullest!


Annapurna Around Trekking

Mike Ray

"What an incredible adventure and accomplishment; 11 days, 130 kilometers, setting off at 04:00 in -10'C (-15'C windchill) to summit at 5422 meters. Thanks to Sujan and his incredible team at Himalayan Ecstasy Nepal for getting us through safely, and with memories that will inevitably last forever."

Mike Ray

Island Peak ( Imja Tse)

Adrian Wilcock

"I arrived in Kathmandu with no plan and no trip". But shortly after meeting Sujan and his team from Himalayan Ecstasy Nepal things were shaping up. And only a few hours later I was all set with flight to Lukla, (which was an impossible task in itself,) Timms permit, trekking peak set and itinerary laid out. It really had been such a mammoth task to organise the whole thing in 10 hours but Sujan arranged it all. 

And I really couldn't have asked for any more. It all went as planned. I had such a great experience which was more than I'd ever expected. I had assistance when I need it and was also just left to get on with my trip as I wanted too. 
I can highly recommend Himalayan Ecstasy Nepal and will certainly use them again for future trips. 
Well done and thanks to Sujan and his team!
Adrian Wilcock, UK

Adrian Wilcock

Cho-Oyu Expedition 8201M

Sven Sjöberg

Cho Oyu expedition, Septmer - 2013!

This would be my longest and most expensive of my trips to Nepal or Tibet so was the final goal . Preparations had been going over a year. 2012 I called Sujan , who I already know and told him I wanted to climb Cho Oyu . Sujan was possitivt set when I previously climbed with them. He sent me all the information and the trip took their start. In August 2013 I landed in Kathmandu, full of anticipation.

A year of planning , training and preparation was over, now began the expedition. The expedition was as I expected , better in fact. The planning was excellent , problems that appeared resolved smoothly and quickly without affecting the expedition. The kitchen staff knew what an expedition member on a 8000m mountain needed, good energy rich food. Expedition leader and guide Dipen and his colleague Lakpa Sherpa did so much more than just guided , it became a community where the goal was to reach the summit, and so we did. On September 29, at 09:30 am we stood there, on top of the world's sixth highest mountain , 8201m . A completely indescribable feeling.

Thank you all at Himalayan Ecstasy Nepal for a very well conducted expedition. The next mountain is already in the mind and it's obvious you who gets the assignment.

Sven Sjöberg